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Linux Foundation launches life-saving project, ELISA

With technological advances, the adoption of Linux in different areas of technology is growing, and ELISA comes with the proposal to support the self-employed sector.

The discussion of robots increasingly taking the place of humans in tasks is something that warms some hearts, and one of the problems is the lack of confidence that such equipment can pass, by the way, an important component, the human, is not guiding such autonomous robot.


When we talk about autonomous machines, always comes to our minds the cars without drivers walking the streets, however, technology is not limited only in this niche, several other areas may have behind artificial intelligence, with some important and critical task safety and security. life of a human, whether with the possibility of some material or environmental damage.

Linux, reliability and robustness companies trust

Famous for ensuring greater security, scalability and robustness possibilities, Linux used in many branches of technology, and companies were eager to be able to embrace it in this critical and delicate area than the freelance industry, yet even participating in some projects, and even autonomous cars, there was no standardization or tools for this type of technology, focusing on security of critical missions, causing companies to develop and in some cases lack of documentation, making the deployment of Linux impossible due to technical ignorance. of their capabilities.

THE Linux Foundation launched on February 21, 2019 the Enabling Linux in Safety Applications (ELISA), a project Open source It aims to assist companies with security and reliability tools, enabling the creation of security-based Linux-based system certifications, and avoiding potential human losses.

Partnerships with major companies such as the British chip maker Arm, BMW, autonomous platform companies Kuka, Linutronix and Toyota, making the work of multi-industry certification and standardization bodies cohesive, a way for Linux to form the foundation of critical security systems in all industries, in a simplified way.

car-autonomo-linux-robot-ai O ELISA Its main task will be the development of reference documentation and use cases, guiding the community on how to proceed with good safety engineering practices, improving automation processes. Another important part of the project will be the support to members regarding attitudes and positions that should be adopted in the event of an error, and their possible solutions, somewhat similar to what happened with technology standardization and organization. Open Source in Hollywood for Other Purposes.

And you, what do you think about autonomous technologies in our daily lives? Leave in your comments your wishes for the future of autonomous machines, and opinions on the subject.

I hope you in the next blog post here Diolinux, SYSTEMATICALLY!

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