Linus Torvalds wants Linux dominating on the desktop too

Linus Torvalds wants Linux dominating on the desktop too

Linux's Next Goal to Achieve Common Desktop Usage by its Creator

Asked about the future of Linux Torvalds said: "Now the Desktop is missing"

Because Linux is not a company many people fail to realize its enormity of application, Linux is on virtually every electronic device that lacks "a little intelligence" such as small computers, ATMs, coffee makers, Microwave, Watches, Servers, Smartphones, Consoles, Super Computers and even at ISS (International Space Station).

Linus Torvalds – Photo Reproduction

At LinuxCon 2014 when I was asked what would be the next step of Linux, where else is it missing, and the kernel that Linus created today is used to make popcorn (literally); The response that raised the applause of the people attending the conference was: "I want to see Linux on desktops!"

Although millions of people use Linux as their desktop, Ubuntu users are over 20 million, the Linux desktop is still the least prominent, but according to Linus that should change soon.

Linus further argued that advancing to the desktop of people's homes is a task that is not a task solely for Linux (the Kernel) because it relies heavily on infrastructure and support, a professionally managed Linux server, a desktop used by people who can Just want to access the internet and have fun.

Linus also commented that Kernel maintainers are always "cleaning" the codes because it got a little "bloated" after more than 20 years of updates, ideally rewriting old useful codes and better them, this is hard work but it brings a lot of benefit, and we are doing this. "