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Linus Torvalds tears praise for his MacBook Air

Linus torvalds

Early in the interview, when asked about his MacBook Air, the engineer tore praise machine, see:

[] I have to admit I'm a little puzzled by how no one else seems to have done what Apple did with Macbook Air even several years after the first release, the other notebook makers keep pushing ugly and awkward things. Yes, there are vendors who have tried to imitate you, but usually very badly. I do not think I am unusual, preferring my thin and light notebook.Alis, even when it comes to Apple, I think only the special Air. The other Apple laptops may be pretty, but they're still that old clunky hardware, just in a pretty dress.

I don't have a MacBook Air, but I couldn't agree with Torvalds anymore. And you? ;-]

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