Linus Torvalds solta e-mail pedindo desculpas pelos anos de "destempero" e "tira férias" do Linux

Linus Torvalds releases e-mail apologizing for Linux's "breakthrough" and "vacation" years

In an email sent to LKML, Linus apologizes for the years of discomfort with the other devs and asks for time to put his head in place.

Last Sunday (16), the open source world was caught off guard by an email sent by the Linux project's father, Linus Torvalds. He emailed about the fixes and enhancements in rc4 from Linux Kernel version 4.19, when in the middle of the email he releases a bombshell to the open source world. He will take a break from the project.

Linus Torvalds releases email apologizing for the years of

In Torvalds's words, he needed to look in the mirror and see what was wrong. For many years, Linus was famous for not having an unhurried temperament with other Kernel Linux developers, such as the famous case when he sent NVIDIA to that place, accompanied by an unpolite gesture that marked him forever.

In the long email at LKMLHe acknowledges that this behavior was unprofessional and totally unnecessary, apologizing for his actions. The excerpt he talks about this subject:

This is where the moment comes to look in the mirror. This week the people of our community confronted me as in my life I did not understand people's emotions. My scary email attacks were unprofessional and unnecessary. Especially when I made the comments personally. In my quest for a better patch, that made sense to me. I know now that this was not OK and I'm really sorry …. a painfully long way of personal analysis to be able to come in and say: Hey, I need to change the my behaviors and I want to apologize to people that my personal behavior has hurt and possibly drifted completely away from Kernel development. I will take time off and get some help on understanding people's emotions and responding appropriately.

There is still no further information (until the release of this publication) which would have motivated these holidays of Linus Torvalds from the Kernel Linux project. Another important point to mention is the exchange of interpersonal codes of conduct. Before it was the code of conflict and a summary would be that the Linux kernel code would be the most important thing and asks devs to be excellent with each other. Already the new code of conduct comes to set new standards of behavior, such as positivity among members, be professional, welcoming and inclusive. You can read the new code of conduct on here.

We hope that Linus Torvalds can improve and come back as soon as possible and we will also see how the son does without Father in this new phase.

Let us know what you think about these Linus Torvalds holidays.

Until next time and a big hug.


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