Linus Torvalds is now using KDE – check out the reasons

Linus Torvalds now KDE user

Linus Torvalds quits XFCE and starts using KDE

Linux father Linus Torvalds stated in his Google+ profile that he left the XFCE environment aside and started using KDE, apparently the distribution remains Fedora. It is well known that Linus had not been pleased with Gnome 3 and more than once called the environment "messy", but XFCE is so stable and fast, "to Gnome 2" because it would leave the environment that was chosen even for. be used on the new Debian aside? Well, in this Linus was categorical:

"It may not be the lightest, but there is the ability to set things up, and now I have my soft windows back!"

Linus Torvalds and Tux I particularly like Unity, and I think Gnome-Shell is pretty, not as functional as it is pretty, and I've been using Linux Mint KDE for about 2 months. It just works, faster than normal Ubuntu on my notebook and I still have all those desktop effects that made Linux so characteristic. And as Linus himself said, the ability to configure absolutely anything that pleases me too. Hey reader, what do you think about Linus using KDE now? What is your opinion about this graphic environment? Leave your opinion. Want to stay on top of everything that happens here? ANDnt like our page on FACEBOOK, follow the blog at TWITTER – Also follow our writers Founder of blog and channel Diolinux, passionate about technology and games.