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Linus Torvalds does not know the Linux Kernel at this time

In a recent interview with the Open Source Summit, Torvalds commented on the Kernel Linux project, the programmers and open source development.

At the end of August August the Open Source Summit in Vancouver, Canada, on the last day of the event (31), Linus Torvalds, along with VMWare vice president and CEO Dirk Hohndel, had a very relaxed chat session, where they covered topics such as: hardware, computing quantum, kernel maintenance, and other issues related to the open source world. Linus Torvalds does not know the Linux Kernel today Today the Linux kernel has more than 20 million lines of code in its latest version, which goes through the hands of the main developers, maintainers and sub-maintainers, thus not overloading Torvalds, who when asked by Hohndel was completely aware of the Linux kernel, replied that No. But completed shortly thereafter:

The only issue that interests me is the virtual file system. This is the only area in which I am still very active. I also see all the critical issues and still a lot of x86 architecture. I used to worry about the problem, but I don't do it anymore. I don't care about technical issues in the kernel. I care about them, but I'm not worried about them. The workflow is much more important than code. If a bug happens, you know how to handle it. When you have this level of complexity, you can't manage it in a closed environment, you need to have the people who really encounter problems and give them the ability to get involved and help fix them. It's a complicated world, and the only way to deal with complexity is the open exchange of ideas. "

Another point raised was how Torvalds manages the project, as nowadays he works more in gesture than active development, to answer that, Torvalds was emphatic :: We moved to the chain developer model where sub – Maintainers and maintainers should report to developers to ensure that developed subsystems arrive as quickly as possible.

Two other interesting points raised by Torvalds were about quantum computing and artificial intelligence (AI).

About first topic he said commented:

I am very incredulous and I think this will not happen. But if I'm wrong, I'll be dead by the time they prove me wrong. And I am known to be wrong.

Already about AI he thinks he is finally on his way:

Neural network looks very interesting. It seemed unlikely at first, but nowadays we know they really work.

To watch the full English lecture, follow her video below.

Hope to see you next, strong hug.

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