Linus speaks his mind about Microsoft's approach to Linux

Since when the world world, there has always been a battle between operating systems, Windows vs macOS vs Linux, with endless hours of debate and not always reaching some consensus, in some cases, starting personally, unfortunately.

This is largely due mainly to the 1980s, 1990s, and the early 2000s, when CEOs like Steve Ballmer and project leaders Richard Stallman fed this war with public barbs, on the one hand calling the Linux is cancer and the other calling it the great evil that wants to control and snoop its user.

But this apparent war has gained a new chapter recently. ZDNet tech journalist Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols got an interview with Linus Torvalds and several other Linux developers at the 2019 Linux Plumbers Conference, where he got a universal statement from them, agreeing that Microsoft wants to control Linux. But they are not worried. Because the type of license that governs the project, GPL2, does not allow it. Linus commented:

This whole anti-Microsoft thing was sometimes like a funny joke, but not a real one. Today, they are really much friendlier. I talk to Microsoft engineers at various conferences and I feel so, they have changed and are happy. They are really happy working on Linux. So I completely delete all anti-Microsoft stuff. "

Steve still wonders if Microsoft's leopard isn't just waiting for the right time to pounce and Torvalds adds:

I don't think it's true. I mean, there's always a tension. But this is true for any company entering Linux; they have their own goals. And they want to do things their way, because they have a reason for it. (So ​​for Linux), Microsoft tends to focus mainly on Azure and do everything possible to make Linux work well for them. "

The full ZDNet article with the other dev statements that are involved in the Linux kernel, you can check here.

What can be noted in their speech, which has no concern in approaching Microsoft with the Linux kernel, as some of the leading engineers involved in Linux within Windows, come from companies that support the penguin system, such as Novell. In addition to the Linux distro from Microsoft in Azure. In addition to the release of more than 60,000 patents recently. This shows that Ballmer's old Microsoft is in the past (hopefully), and now Satya Nadella's new Microsoft is more integrated with open source, so much so that MS Teams and MS Edge are about to arrive. MS Office also won't be coming soon, would it be really cool to see it anyway? The Linux boss and the Linux Foundation don't seem to see Microsoft as a threat, so why should you or I?

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