Linpus Lite - Minimalist Distro for Netbooks

Linpus Lite – Minimalist Distro for Netbooks

Linpus is a Fedora-based Linux distribution that sells its products to manufacturers of PCs, notebooks, netbooks, and more recently tablets. The company has a specific solution for different market types, focusing on the key features of computers and devices that might use them, such as support for multi-touch touchscreen and cloud applications.By clicking on the link to download Linpus Lite, you will be redirected to the distribution download page. From this page you can choose between downloading an ISO image and burning a CD to install the system, or then downloading about 2 MB of software that allows you to install and remove the distribution as if it were a mere Windows program.The second option is certainly the most practical. To get started, it eliminates one of the most complicated steps of installing Linux: hard disk partitioning. To download it, click on the Windows Installer link and then the Download button. The file transfer will start automatically.

Installing Linpus from Windows

Before you begin the installation, make sure you have the minimum configuration required by the software:

  • 1 GHz processor or higher;
  • 4 to 6 GB free disk space;
  • at least 1 GB of RAM; and
  • Intel, nVidia or ATI branded VGA video card; and
  • Internet connection.

After checking the hardware requirements, run the Linpus-Lite1.7-WinInstaller file to begin the installation process. Once you choose the language to be used by the system (English or Chinese), click OK. Then at the welcome screen, click Next to proceed: Linpus Lite Welcome Screen Nobody reads the terms of use, but you know this is essential, right? After all, agreed and did not read, your soul you sold. Once you're done, check the I have read and understand the Linpus EULA option, and then click Next to proceed. Agreed and did not read, your soul you lost In the Target drive section, you must choose which drive to install the operating system on. Just select one of the options from the Please select the target drive menu and enter how much space will be available for the system installation (from 4 to 30 GB). Choose the drive the system will be installed on Just then click Install and the system files will start downloading. In total there is 368.4 MB of data and after the files are downloaded and installed the system will require you to restart your computer if you want to run Linpus.

Setup and boot

Configure system during first boot When you restart the machine, the Windows boot manager allows you to choose, using the arrow keys, which of the installed operating systems to run. During the first boot with Linpus Lite, you will need to adjust some essential system settings, such as the country setting and time zone you are in, keyboard layout being used (use the ABNT2 option) , setting the password for the administrator (root) and creating user profiles.

Custom GNOME 3

GNOME 3 is the default desktop of Linpus Lite This new version of LInpus Lite brings an update to the graphic environment used by the distro. Now, with GNOME 3, the system user has at his disposal working areas configured with special features, such as a Dashboard with widgets that show the weather conditions of his city, and another with the list of software included in the distribution. .

Included Programs

Software Covering System Essentials In version 1.4 of Linpus Lite it was possible to find several available software such as optical media recorder and office suite. Now the system installed is as basic as possible. In total, there are eight applications, covering the most essential aspects of the system, such as a Control Center and Mozilla Firefox browser equipped with the Adobe Flash Player plugin.Additional software, such as bug fixes, must be installed through the Updates Online program. First, however, don't forget to set up your internet connection.http://www.linpus/downloads.html Founder of blog and channel Diolinux, passionate about technology and games.