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Linksys Launches Velop WiFi 6, Mesh Compatible with 802.11ax Connection

THE Linksys announced this week the launch of the WiFi Velop 6is your latest home wireless solution. As the name already makes clear, the new Wi-Fi 6 compatible product, the latest generation of technology, also known as "AX WiFi" or 802.11ax Wi-Fi. The promise a wider range of the internet, with more stability and speed.


The new generation of wireless brings more speed and security – and a friendlier name.

The Linksys Velop WiFi 6 system is also compatible with Mesh technology, which helps to connect multiple routers and repeaters in series without losing signal quality, something especially useful for larger properties. The company highlights the usefulness of its new products for today's times, where homes rely on an increasing number of connected devices.

"The Velop WiFi 6 system combines the latest and greatest Wi-Fi features with Linksys award-winning Mesh technology to deliver four times faster speeds, more Wi-Fi coverage and increased connectivity, all with the flexibility, scalability. and ease of use of Velop mesh systems.

The Velop WiFi 6 system covers up to 3,000 square feet per node and is designed to manage the demands of more than 50 devices, all sharing the same bandwidth. It eliminates 'dead spots' and provides an entire home – including backyard devices – with full high-speed connectivity coverage.. "

Linksys says you can use the new routers to watch streaming on 4K or at 8K simultaneously while other network users play online or use heavy apps. Of course, first of all, your internet plan should support all this bandwidth, which Velo WiFi 6 promises to properly distribute.

For ease of configuration, the manufacturer also offers an app, the Linksys App, compatible with Android and iOS.

Velop WiFi 6 was announced by the US suggested price of $ 399 (R $ 1,591) and can also be purchased in packages that come with two units, leaving for $ 699 (R $ 2,788).

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