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LinkedIn for iOS gets the update it deserved a long time ago

THE LinkedIn a social network unlike any other, with a very clear purpose and aimed at professionals in any area. It is extremely useful for many, many people.

But he sinned a lot on mobile.

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Today, version 9.0 of the LinkedIn iOS app came out with a simplified and optimized look, bringing all its features now organized into five lower tabs:

  • Home: the news and professional information that matters most for your day. Now, you control your feed initial view only the shares and publications you want.
  • Me: all your professional information in one place. Find out who saw your profile and recommended your skills, as well as make changes to your profile from this guide.
  • posts: we exchange emails for chat. The functionality remains the same, but the interface has become much more dynamic. And now you can use stickers!
  • My network: a daily summary of the events in your network. It includes network updates, your list of connections, invitations and suggestions from people you may know.
  • Search: a quick and smart way to find all your professional interests.

In just a few minutes of use, you can already see that it is actually much more pleasant. The messaging area then went from water to wine.

The new LinkedIn mobile app is also available on Google Play, for Android.