Link Bubble browser is now free

For those unfamiliar, Link Bubble is a very different browser.

Developed by Chris Lacy, it opens links in the background in small floating bubbles, and is now free on the Play Store.

The change comes under a new direction, as Lacy sold her app.

Link Bubble wants to make it easier to read links coming from apps, that is, when you are on Facebook, Twitter or the AndroidPIT app and click on a link, instead of yours browser When default is started, Link Bubble opens a floating bubble (à la Facebook Messenger) and loads the required website in the background.

To open the page, just touch the bubble.

link buuble a

Load the page without interfering with the app. / © ANDROIDPIT

In addition, Link Bubble also brings some other functions: to close the bubble just drag it to the X (just like in the Facebook chat program), to share, drag it to the sharing shortcut.

The app is simple, lightweight and easy to use, although I sometimes forget about it and repeatedly tapping a link waiting for Chrome; in these cases, Link Bubble opens the link only once, and warns that it is already loading.

link bubble b

The functions of the upper bubbles can be modified. / © ANDROIDPIT

Link Bubble is free, occupies about 8MB and requires Android 4.1 or higher.

Link BubbleInstall on Google Play

What is the default browser on your Android?