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Limits for kids: New Usage Time features in iOS 13.3

O iOS 13.3 has been released to all users (along with other Apple operating systems) and, as we have reported, the system is packed with news. Among them, an important one about the resource Use Time that expands the options of parental control: Communication Limits.

For the first time, you can set limits on who children can chat with and at what time of day they can communicate from the Phone, Messaging, and FaceTime apps. In addition, guardians may apply a different set of limitations to the child's ability to adjust routinely (from the definitions in “Rest”).

Rest Settings

In practice, the new option is quite simple: just access Settings Usage Time Communication Limit. From there, it is possible to set the screen time and the people who can be contacted by the child (and who can contact her) from contacts. The feature also allows parents to manage their child's iCloud contacts remotely, making it easy to sharing important numbers with children.

Contact adjustments during rest

Still during downtime, users can designate to which specific contacts the child can send messages and make calls, in an emergency such as mother, father or other responsible person, for example. Remember that changes made to one device are not applied to all devices and must be made manually on each device.

While many see the feature as an overly restrictive option, it is important to remember that more and more children can access many smartphones and tablets under little or no supervision of how long the device is used or used to contact. As such, Ma is providing the tools necessary for parents to choose their children's habits, and of course ensure greater safety for them.

via TechCrunch | image: Prostock-studio / Shutterstock