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Like to use your MacBook on your lap? We now have great support for this in the MM Store!

One of the great benefits of MacBooks is that they can be used either on a desk, desktops, in bed, on the plane, on any bench or on your own lap!

For a quick consultation until it is okay to use it directly like this, but if you are going to work for a little longer you will love the experience that the new lap support from MM Store will provide you.

Compatible with just about any notebook / laptop, the stand lifts the computer to a more comfortable position, stabilizes it for typing, and at the same time contributes to ventilation by preventing machine heat from hurting your lap.

It is a simple product of the highest quality and has immense benefit for the user. Do not underestimate it! ?

Notebook Lap Thumbnail

Lap Support for MacBooks

in MM Store

Materials: fabric and MDFFeatures: thermoplastic finish + non-slip rubberCompatibility: any notebook

R $ 119.90

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