Rumor: macOS 10.14 may have a full Dark Mode [atualizado]

Like iOS 10, OS X / macOS is also already preparing for a more comprehensive “Dark Mode” future

Recently references have been found to a Dark Mode (Dark Mode) on iOS 10, implying that Apple intends to release this function in the future on its mobile operating system.

On OS X / macOS, in General System Preferences, the option “Use dark menu bar and Dock” has been there for a while but the thing to put it off. The good news is that our reader Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) managed to activate a “more comprehensive” Dark Mode in several native apps on the system (such as Safari, System Preferences, Finder and Text Editor), and this already on OS X El Capitan.


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According to Guilherme, in one of the WWDC sessions this year (“Crafting Modern Cocoa Apps”) the presenter gave a lot of emphasis to developers using native controls in their apps. "This would make it easier to adapt to a Dark Mode, which can be easily applied with a property accessible to all developers," he says.

It is not yet a 100% polished look, but it is now undeniable that Apple is experimenting with such a possibility.