Anatel homologates BeatsX headphones [atualizado: já disponíveis para compra]

Like AirPods, BeatsX headsets are also expected to take time to reach the market [atualizado]

On the day of the launch of the iPhones 7/7 Plus and the AirPods, Apple also announced three new headphones with the Beats brand among them, the BeatsX. He even appeared in a superb ad later starring Pinquio.

BeatsX Earphones

In mid-October, the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) approved all new phones, except BeatsX. And it seems that, like AirPods, they will also be delayed (quite a lot).

From yesterday to today, the MacRumors had access to an email from the B&H Photo Video store sent to a customer, which indicates that BeatsX may be delayed “at least 2-3 months” (that is, it would arrive there for February-March). On the product page, on the American Apple website, availability still indicates “Coming this Fall” this, arriving in the autumn of the northern hemisphere, which ends in just a week or so.

Could it be that the AirPods' delay is somehow linked to that of the BeatsX? In one way or another, more of an Apple product that misses out on Christmas / New Year sales than blunder.

Update by Eduardo Marques · 12/13/2016 s 13:03

BeatsX earphones purchase page

On the purchase page of BeatsX headphones (as we can see in the screenshot above), Apple has now confirmed that they will only reach the market in February 2017. What a thing

(via MacRumors)