Lightroom will simplify importing images from external drives to iPadOS

If you use Adobe products (especially Adobe Lightroom) on iOS / iPadOS, it is likely that you've already cursed a process that had everything to be simple, but was hampered by Ma's own operating system: importing images from external drives directly into the software for editing.

First, it was not even possible to import media from external drives into iOS directly (this was implemented with iPadOS 13.1) and second, Lightroom requires that photos be imported first to the Photos app, then uploaded to it. This process, in addition to being time consuming, also triggers device storage; But to the happiness of Lightroom users, this will soon be over.

Yesterday, Adobe's Product Director, Tom Hogarty, released the video above, which demonstrates a (future) function of the upcoming editing software; Here, the user can connect an external drive to the iPad while Lightroom is open and transfer the RAW images (or any other format) directly to the editor, even more conveniently and efficiently.

As you can see on the video, the process is very simple and dynamic: the user manually selects which images to transfer from the external drive to Lightroom and can edit them immediately. As with other Adobe apps, all creations / editions are automatically saved to Creative Cloud on all your devices.

Hogarty has also demonstrated another very interesting feature that was deployed in the latest Lightroom update and is only available to Creative Cloud Premium users: Batch Edition. This allows you to apply the same adjustments and changes to an image to multiple photos without having to open each one individually.

Adobe Lightroom: Edit Photos app icon

There is no prediction yet when the upgrade that supports image transfer from external drives to Lightroom will be made available; however, the Adobe executive said he expects to distribute it later this year.

via The Verge