IPhone5mod Lightning Cable and Dock

Lightning cable authentication chip is cloned

Along with the iPhone 5 announcement, a new connector was introduced: Lightning. Although Apple offers adapters for the old standard, many users have complained, mainly about the price imposed by the company. Some manufacturers quickly announced their alternative solutions, cheaper than the official ones. But due to an authentication chip found inside the official cable that comes with all iPhones 5, these companies had to cancel the sale of their products, and the future of third party adapters and accessories was uncertain.

However, the iPhone5mod, a Chinese company specializing in accessories for Apple’s smartphone, announced that they have managed to circumvent the chip’s security system and are already selling cables and docks alternatives.

IPhone5mod Lightning Cable and Dock

Check out the promotional video of the products:

With this, the market for accessories compatible with the iPhone 5 should heat up, since companies will no longer need to be approved by Apple to manufacture these products.

THE dock offered by iPhone5mod, very similar to that sold by Apple for iPhones 4 / 4S, and the third party Lightning cable costs US $ 40 through the product’s website.

[via Ars Technica]