LibreOffice lança novas versões com correções de vulnerabilidade, atualizem os seus sistemas

LibreOffice Releases New Versions with Vulnerability Fixes, Update Your Systems

These versions are coming to fix security holes introduced in Ubuntu.

On Tuesday (24), The Document Foundation released two urgent security-related versions of Ubuntu. This security breach has medium priority priority and is further detailed in Canonical report USN-4138-1. LibreOffice releases new versions with vulnerability fixes, upgrade your systems According to the report, this vulnerability in LibreOffice caused macros scripts to be handled incorrectly when pre-installed in documents. With this door open, the attacker could remotely execute arbitrary code and thus harm the user. The vulnerability has been identified with the following code CVE-2019-9854.

The vulnerability affects the following versions of Ubuntu: 16.04 LTS, 18.04, LTS 19.04 and even LibreOffice 6.3 on Ubuntu 19.10, but now fixed. Below are the LibreOffice versions contained in the CVE-2019-9854 patch, as follows:

6.2.7 for Ubuntu 19.04.

6.0.7 to Ubuntu 18.04.

5.1.6 for Ubuntu 16.04.

6.3.1 for Ubuntu 19.10.

Other packages were also awarded the patch, such as Mozilla Firefox, which is now in version 69.0.1. If you received an update message and did so, it is good to restart the system so that all changes are made.

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