LibreOffice 6.4 is released with several improvements, including Microsoft formats

Sute Office open source arrives with several new features in version 6.4, with compatibility with MS formats and faster opening times.

If you needed a non-Microsoft office, you probably came across the LibreOffice.

This new version comes with some news that can help a lot of people.

  LibreOffice 6.4 released with several improvements, including Microsoft formats

The Document Foundation has launched yet another version of its sute office, LibreOffice 6.4, which comes with several improvements to its program code, in addition to a significant improvement with compatibility in Microsoft proprietary formats (docx, xlsx and pptx).

We can start with the news when we open LibreOffice through the main hub, the one that has the main app's icon and not the app's, like Writer for example.

In it we will have a preview of which files we opened and in which application it was.

It is now possible to mark notes as resolved and also add comments on images or graphics within Writer (text editor)

Another very cool feature that came in version 6.4 is the possibility to create QR Code within LibreOffice applications (Impress, Draw, Writer and Calc), being very useful for those who need to add some type of information and need to use this medium.

To insert it very simple, just follow this path: Insert> Object> QR Code

To generate the QR Code, you have three (3) entries:

Text or URL, this is where you will insert the information;

Error correction, where you will select the QR complexity.

If using for long URLs, it is preferable to use the Low option;

Define border around the QR, so you can define the border size around the generated code.

Result of the above generation

Another change was the unification of the menus for hyperlinks.

Now the Open, Edit, Copy and Remove options are in one place, thus making life easier for those who work with this type of tool.

Also according to LibreOffice staff, the application opens much faster than the previous version and brings almost perfect compatibility with the proprietary formats of the company's office Microsoft, O MS Office.

In my tests, it really brought this compatibility and did not lose the formatting of the files I opened.

But it may be that for some cases it can be a problem.

Fortunately there are other sutes offices like the WPS Office, FreeOffice, OnlyOffice and others.

To check the full release note, you can access it here, which is still in the process of completing the translation into Brazilian Portuguese.

If you prefer, you can also check out the video below with a presentation made by LibreOffice staff.

To download LibreOffice 6.4, simply access here or here and choose the method that suits you.

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