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LG's "Phablet"

Maybe the new Phablet might be as smart as smatphones.


By default, we often say that smartphones are smart phones, and tablets are larger handsets that do not require calling functions. So we are facing what has been called the Phablet, as the well-known Samsung Galaxy Note.

And apparently the Galaxy Note will soon meet a competitor. LG (also from South Korea) could launch LG Intuition in September, at least showing some images that were leaked by the Droid Dog website. In the photographs, apparently of press, you can see the new device with some very interesting features and a hint of the release date.

Six icons are shown at the bottom of the Android interface, making it clear that the screen is larger than the one present on ordinary smartphones, which usually only have four or five, a detail in the calendar gets a lot of attention. Just below the time shown is a September 15th, which appears to be the date of the official announcement. Finally, a note on the screen shows that the device must have its own stylus.

We still do not know if this will be the official release date or announcement of the handset as it can also be presented to the public during the IFA 2012, which takes place between August 31st and September 5th. If he's at the fair, our team will be printing out the new gadget for the next few weeks.

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