LG Velvet: technology wants to regain ground with new smartphone

LG Velvet: technology wants to regain ground with new smartphone

Velvet – this is the name of the next smartphone from LG. The brand left the "G" and "V" ranges behind and must now bet on a new format, since, according to the technology itself, the design of this model will be substantially different from what we are used to seeing in the portfolio. brand.

LG has already shown the lines of this new model. The first images are digital reproductions, but they already show us a curved screen device, practically without any side frames, top or bottom and several rear cameras, arranged vertically.

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The position of the front camera is not clear. Although it does not appear to be embedded in the screen, it is possible that it is integrated in a small sliding tray, pop-up type, as we can already find in the latest equipment of OnePlus, for example. Another hypothesis, albeit remote, is the possible integration of the camera under the display – an assumed goal of the industry.

Although promising, this device should not be top of the range. Instead, the Velvet should be a mid-range smartphone. Old rumors said that the mobile phone would hit the market with a Qualcomm processor in the 700 range.

LG's last few years in the smartphone market have not been positive. The company even announced that it would leave the business indefinitely, after having tried to return to the spotlight with several high-end models. In the last few months, the South Korean giant has been betting mainly on mid-range devices, so Velvet can help consolidate the brand name in that same segment.

The latest LG models were announced last February. The K series is focused on photography and should reach the North American market in the second quarter of this year, followed by Europe.