LG Styler Line: the smart way to store your clothes

LG brought the Connected Home concept to InnoFest 2019 and introduced the new Styler line, the company's smart mini closets

During the InnoFest 2019, annual conference where LG presents products from different sectors to Latin America, the company introduced the new models of the Styler. With a focus on presenting new technologies that can change the user's daily life, the new line of mini closets Styler joins LG's vast portfolio of smart white goods, which are part of the company's Connected Home concept.

LG Styler

The Stylers they are mini closets that, in addition to storing your clothes, sanitize them intelligently, using advanced cleaning and sanitizing technologies. The objective of the Styler that you do not need to wash your clothes many times a week or months, ideal for the user who works in uniform or with social clothes and needs to wash them frequently.

New LG Stylers in operation at InnoFest 2019LG at InnoFest LATAM 2019, demonstrating how the Stylers work

How LG Styler works

O LG Styler uses technology TrueSteam which, according to the company, eliminates up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria that can proliferate through clothes and does not let them have that smell of stored clothes. the models also use two technologies called Smart Diagnosis and SmartThinQ, which allows intelligent control in a quick and precise way, giving status on your clothes, the temperature, and even the time they are stored.

LG focused on making devices that are efficient but maintain style.LG Styler Look

To do the heavy lifting, the product combines 3 actions based on technologies created by the company: the first is a movement system that moves the pieces of clothing to eliminate internal odors; the second system is the ventilation system they call Gentle Dry; and the third a heating and temperature system, which heats the air inside the Styler and it takes advantage of the hot air to leave the trousers that are on the appliance door ironed and without marks. This temperature control system also serves to save energy, as it intelligently recycles the hot air that has been generated inside the product.

Still talking about the technologies, we have the inclusion of a connection Wi-Fi It's from Google Assistant, so that you can communicate with the Styler, know precisely how your clothes are and still connect to the internet, entering the true concept of the smart home of the line ThinQ.

“We are very happy to be able to bring (For InnoFest 2019) the news, which this year are still on the agenda of Artificial Intelligence. LG has invested a lot in the ThinQ AI platform, so that we can have more and more connected products and an intuitive experience ”.

Barbara Marques Toscano, Executive Marketing Manager, LG

LG Stylers at CES 2019LG Black Tinted Mirror Stylers won one of the innovation awards at CES 2019.

The new mini closets were shown in 2 models, which they called Brown and Black Tinted Mirror, which in a literal translation would be “Mirrored Brown and Black”. THE LG he says he wants to bring, in addition to efficiency, beautiful and stylish products, so that they are part of your home in an organic and luxurious way.

Some models of Styler LG's are already on sale in the American market, but have not yet been informed when they arrive in Brazil. As the products were presented at InnoFest Latin America 2019, the forecast is that they will reach the Latin market soon.