LG opens Connected House in São Paulo

In the interactive space dedicated to Casa Conectada, consumers will be able to understand how artificial intelligence helps in the practicality and comfort of everyday life

THE LG opened, this Thursday (24), in an event for journalists and influencers, the first Connected House retail. The interactive space, present in the Pontofrio Megastore in So Paulo, be available for customers to approach the company's products and facilitate the understanding of the concept of Connected House.

LG connected home productsLG's Connected Home has several interactions with electronics and home appliances via voice commands

All store customers will be able to interact with the new refrigerators InstaView Door-In-Door, washing machines TWINWash and C4, televisions NanoCell and OLED, and the line air conditioners Dual Inverter Voice.

“People will understand in practice how LG's smart devices work and understand that anyone can start investing in products for a truly connected home.”

Brbara Toscano, Head of Marketing at LG Electronics do Brasil

How does the Connected Home connection work?

According Pedro Valery, TV Products supervisor at LG Electronics do Brasil, there are currently three protocols for connecting smart products from Connected House, which are the Google Assistant, the application SmartThinQ of own LG, and an open code from Open Connectivity Foundation (OCF). All of these platforms Internet of Things (IoT) allow company products to be connected to most smart devices.

One of the examples available for tests in the interactive space, the opening and closing of a curtain by a voice command, by connecting the Smart TV AI ThinQ with the device. The controls are also not limited to curtains and lights, as more complex devices like the refrigerator Instaview Door-In-Door and the washing machine TWINWash can now be controlled directly from the TV in the comfort of the living room sofa.

LG Connected Home ThinQ AI Smart TVThe ThinQ AI Smart TV is the epicenter of the true Connected House, everything can be controlled without pausing your programming

“Basically, LG wants to optimize your life, so you don't have to leave the TV and miss your favorite show to get things done.”

Pedro Valery, TV product supervisor at LG Electronics do Brasil

The user can still create special commands, for example, when speaking “Cinema mode” for the wizard, a chain of commands defined by the user will be sent to your smart products, how to open the Netflix, decrease the light intensity, close the curtain, adjust the air conditioning temperature and turn on the popcorn maker, all at once.

Due to the open code OCF, a multitude of new devicesLG Can also be connected to TV, such as doorbells, security cameras, electronic locks and more. Therefore, the Smart TV it is not limited to tasks on white goods devices, but in an epicenter of control of smart devices next to smartphones.

LG Connected Home TWINWash WashersLG's white line is the highlight of Casa Conectada, all products already have support for assistants and artificial intelligence

Valery also reveals that TV already has protocol support Apple Home Kit for commands via iPhone, iPad and iPod, and that from the 4K TVs launched in 2019, the Alexa integrate the list of compatible protocols in a future update, bringing possibilities for users of products Amazon.

With so many protocols compatible with the TV, the LG currently has the largest connectivity platform for Internet of Things (IoT) of the market.

Main products of the LG Connected Home

InstaView Door-In-Door Refrigerator

The Instaview Door-in-Door is an intelligent refrigerator from LG that has a technology in the panel allowing visualization of the internal contents of the refrigerator without having to open it.

THE Instaview Door-in-Door a smart refrigerator from LG that has a technology in the panel allowing visualization of the internal contents of the refrigerator without having to open it. This guarantees 41% less waste of cold air, preserving food.

The refrigerator can also be controlled by the application SmartThings, gives LG, to control key features and receive notifications on the go.

The refrigerator Instaview Door-In-Door can be found in the official store of Showmetech at the Magazine Luza for R $ 12,899.99.

TWINWash Load washing machine

The new generation of lava and AI DD dry can optimize, in 2 minutes, the type of washing by detecting what style and weight of the clothes you have put to wash.

The new generation of lava and dries with AI DD you can optimize, in 2 minutes, the type of washing by detecting which style and weight of the clothes you put to wash. Beyond technology TurboWash, which uses water jets in the traditional process, reduces a wash that would last almost 1 hour to about 39 minutes.

This model has a second compartment at the bottom for washing 2.5 kg of additional clothing called TWINWash Mini, a pedestal washer for delicate clothes like baby clothes, towels and white clothes.

The new models still have a connection Wi-Fiand can be triggered by the smartphone with the application SmartThinQ, and has 16 extra washing modes to download.

The washing machine TWINWash Load can be found in the official store of Showmetech at the Magazine Luza for R $ 5,399.01. The lower part of the washer sold separately for R $ 3,879.03.

Split Air Inverter VOICE ARTCOOL

The VOICE ARTCOOL Dual Inverter air conditioner features connectivity technology

The air conditioner Dual Inverter VOICE ARTCOOL has connectivity technology. The technology sends an alert on users' smartphones when the filter needs to be sanitized, in addition to sending energy consumption graphs regularly.

O Dual Inverter It can also be monitored remotely, through an application, which allows the user to arrive at his home and already be in an environment with a pleasant temperature. Voice commands are another possibility thanks to the presence of the integrated Google Assistant, which allows other smart products to control you remotely.

Air conditioning Dual Inverter VOICE ARTCOOL can be found in the official store of Showmetech at the Magazine Luza per R $ 2,474.10.

Smart TV Nano Cell AI ThinQ

LG's Nano Cell AI ThinQ Smart TV models feature a smarter processor that uses deep learning to learn how the user consumes multimedia content

The models of Smart TV Nano Cell AI ThinQ gives LG bring a smarter processor, which use the deep learning to learn how the user consumes multimedia content, automatically adjusting it to improve experience and immersion, in addition to allowing interaction with branded devices and competitors through Google Assistant and Alexa.

The models go to 86 inches and are compatible with the 4K Cinema HDR gives LG which brings scenes more faithful to the view of the producer of that content, in addition to the presence of technologies Dolby Vision and Atmos for cinema quality.

THE Smart TV Nano Cell AI ThinQ in 49 inches can be found in the official store of Showmetech at the Magazine Luza for R $ 2,469.91.

LG G8s ThinQ

One of the brains and pillars of the connection between the devices, the LG G8s ThinQ smartphone is one of the most powerful models available in Brazil.

One of the brains and pillars of the connection between devices, the smartphone LG G8s ThinQ one of the most powerful models available in Brazil.

It is equipped with a huge 6.21 inch IPS LCD screen with Full HD + resolution. Inside, the cell phone brings the Snapdragon 855 as a processor, that is, heavy games and several applications will not be a problem in G8s ThinQ.

O G8s ThinQ can be found on Americanas by R $ 3,699.00. Purchasing through this link, you buy at the best price and still help us grow!

Behind the Connected House concept

The concept of Connected House gives LG the result of a strategic decision by the company to invest in three great technologies, artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT) and 5G. However, not only a strategic decision led to the birth of this concept, but a need to facilitate and automate the use of the vast technology that we currently have available.

According Fabrcio Habib, general manager of Mobile Products at LGNowadays, technology needs users' prior help to effectively help us, because nothing happens without human intervention. There are so many functions being implemented daily that most users need to be experts to understand what they can extract from a certain device.

LG Connected Home WashersAccording to Fabrcio Habib, technologies now need to think alone so that they do not need human intervention to carry out their functions

“Cell phone technology is already ready for the future. What needs to evolve now so that we have a fully connected and independent home, that the software will be part of a deeper level in all appliances and electronics that we have at home. ”

Fabrcio Habib, General Manager of Mobile Products at LG

The expectation of LG that one day the devices make decisions on their own in a network to help consumers, so that together with the smartphone they know the approximate time that the user will arrive home to prepare the entire environment automatically. This includes activating an air conditioner just before it arrives at a certain temperature, defrosting food in an exact refrigerator compartment, or even washing and drying clothes with functions 100% identified via artificial intelligence. .

LG Connected Home ThinQ SmartphonesIn the near future, smartphones will be the channelers for the 100% independent Connected House

Much more than the user's comfort and convenience, the concept of Casa Conectada sustainability for measuring the use of resources such as water and energy more economically and accurately. Therefore, this concept invalidates society's dependence on technology, showing that this can be a big step towards a more sustainable life in the very near future.

Expanding the smart experience

By the end of the year, the LG Connected Home be present in 36 shops major retailers in the country, distributed by 5 Brazilian regions. expected that at 2020, have more than 30 projects implemented with this experience for consumers.

If you want to check out this experience and learn more about the products of LG , the first Connected House is present in Pontofrio Megastore in So Paulo, Av. Emb. Macedo Soares, 9175 – gua Branca, So Paulo – SP. Open from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 10pm and Sundays from 10am to 8pm.

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