LG launches unprecedented Lava and Seca with artificial intelligence in Brazil

LG launches unprecedented Lava and Seca with artificial intelligence in Brazil

LG presented in So Paulo the first Lava and Seca machine with artificial intelligence in Brazil; meet the models

The concept Smart Home (Smart House, in free translation) is increasingly on the rise, and many companies have started to invest in smart appliances and systems for the home. An example to LG, which is launching a Lava e Seca today in Brazil indicates that it combines innovation and practicality.

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) technology, the new Lava and Dry LG provides greater protection of the fabric during washing, in addition to leaving the clothes ready to iron. How TurboWash, the company promises to wash clothes in just 39 minutes.

THE LG it is increasingly committed to keeping its products connected. It started with a refrigerator and now this Internet of Things (IOT) line of washers arrived. At the invitation of LG, O Showmetech was present at the official launch of the new lava and drought. Check out what this model offers:

LG Lava and Dry with artificial intelligence

New Lava and Dry LG seeks to facilitate the washing process with Wi-FiNew Lava and Dry LG seeks to facilitate the washing process with artificial intelligence

THE LG Launches the first Lava e Seca machine with AI DD artificial intelligence on the Brazilian market. Its differential lies in identifying the type of fabric and activating the ideal washing for clothes. According to the LG, this became possible thanks to a study base with 20 thousand accumulated washes.

The consumer is increasingly interested in learning about the washing process. So, when a product comes with Artificial Intelligence, with a database, through experiences with consumers, we deliver this very resolved.

Brbara Toscano, Head of Marketing at LG

Brbara Toscano, Head of Marketing at LGBrbara Toscano, Head of Marketing at LG

When placing the pieces, in the first two minutes, a sensor will weigh the volume of clothing, identify the texture and volume of the pieces. After making this understanding, the machine sets the wash. Consequently, this work preserves the fabric even more, explains Kati Dias, executive manager for White Line at LG of Brazil.

Through this technology, Lava e Seca guarantees, after defining the washing cycle, that the basket movements are ideal according to the laundry load. With this method, it is able to preserve tissues by up to 18%. Among other items, it offers a larger display, tempered glass and robust design. In addition to being quiet and washing even the duvet.

Kati Dias, White Line Executive Manager at LG do BrasilKati Dias, White Line Executive Manager at LG do Brasil

“This novelty is one of the examples of LG's commitment to bringing innovation and practicality to all areas in the routine of our consumers. We are certainly proud to promote an increasingly better experience for our customers, who, according to research, spend eight days a year doing laundry ”.

Kati Dias, White Line Executive Manager at LG do Brasil.

THE LG informs that your product follows the line smart, that is, a connectable product, in which it can be controlled remotely through the application ThinQ. With the App, the user can download extra cycles, making the washing machine even more personalized. Another interesting feature is being able to manage Lava and Dry through the Google Assistant (via voice command) on televisions and smartphones LG.

Time optimization

The company wanted to innovate while saving time. In view of this, they announced that Lava e Seca has a system TurboWash 360. The technology provides faster and more efficient washing, in a complete cycle of only 39 minutes, that is, a reduction of 34% when compared to conventional models.

In addition, there is the technology Steam +, which removes 99.9% of allergenic pests from clothing through steam. Still on innovation of time reduction, the LG says that his new smart washer finishes the cleaning process by reducing dents (by up to 30%).


The machine LG there's 11kg in the washer and 7kg in the dryer. Lava e Seca gained 1kg more for drying and 5 centimeters in depth, compared to other models. On the market it will be available in four models, with the following capacities: 10.5 kg and 11 kg, in addition to an option that is only a washer.

The physical space is 60 cm wide, 85 cm high and 56 cm deep. If desired, the consumer can purchase TWINWash Mini (+ 2kg). This option provides two washes at the same time. THE LG did not inform the value of each model, but revealed that the prices start at R $ 3,500. The available colors are: brushed black, brushed and white.

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