LG launches Artcool Gallery, wall air conditioner with frame for artwork and photos

LG launches Artcool Gallery, wall air conditioner with frame for artwork and photos

New air-conditioning Artcool Gallery, from LG, brings a frame for photos and works that turns the appliance into a decoration piece

LG launched the Artcool Gallery (A09FT), a wall air conditioner that brings a different concept to this type of appliance. that the air conditioning has a frame in which the user can place (and display) works of art and / or photos, so that the appliance also serves as a decoration piece.

“LG always seeks to bring solutions and services to the market that make a difference in people's lives. In addition to innovative technologies, the design of the products is also designed in such a way that the consumer has elegant and innovative appliances in his home or office ”Graziela Yang, product manager for the light commercial air conditioning (CAC) area at LG do Brasil.

Differentiated design

LG Artcool Gallery air conditionerArtcool Gallery air conditioning frame is used for works and photos

According to LG, the design of the Artcool Gallery was developed with the objective of harmonizing with the environment. With minimalist details, the air conditioning is installed directly on the wall and integrates the decoration of the environment.

The new air conditioning from LG has a format similar to that of a painting. And the user can personalize the front frame with photos or artwork – or both.

This is because the user can change what is displayed on the device's frame at any time. The structure is detachable, so just pull it forward to place the photo or work that the user wants to display. Check it out below:

LG Artcool Gallery air conditioner


THE Artcool Gallery it brings an air flow pattern in three directions, so that the air leaves the two lateral and lower edges. It is possible to control the air conditioning via the LG ThinQ app.

In the app, the user can turn the device on and off, change the air flow mode and set the temperature. In addition to refrigeration, Artcool Gallery from LG offers powerful heating.

LG's Artcool Gallery air conditioning appLG's ThinQ app lets you control temperature and airflow modes

LG's new air conditioner is also compatible with Google Assistant and is available at 9,000 and 12,000 BTUs.

Dual Inverter Compressor Technology

Another important feature of the Artcool Gallery the device has Dual Inverter Compressor technology, exclusive to LG.

This technology brings the balance of the double rotor present in the device, which ensures greater stability to operation and reduces vibration.

LG Artcool Gallery air conditionerAir-conditioning Artcool Gallery also offers heating

Vibration reduction ensures the air conditioning silent operation. In addition to allowing the device to operate at low sound levels, LG's technology eliminates unwanted noise and ensures smooth operation, according to the company.

An important advantage of this technology is also LG that it guarantees up to 70% energy savings and up to 40% faster cooling, according to the manufacturer. This is possible through the broader speed control present in the technology.

LG DUAL Inverter Voice: a portable air conditioner

Now if you are looking for a portable air conditioner, the LG DUAL Inverter Voice (LP1419IVSM) a great option. The device is one of the best in the portable sector and still integrated with Google Assistant and Alexa, from Amazon. However, LG's portable air conditioner is not compatible with Apple's Siri.

LG pioneered the industry and LG DUAL Inverter Voice It is an easy installation model, with low noise level and that promises to please the public who loves everything connected. an ideal product for offices, residential rooms and bedrooms.

LG DUAL Inverter Voice portableLG DUAL Inverter Voice an excellent portable air conditioner

Connectivity is even one of the highlights of this device compared to competitors. As well as the Artcool Gallery, functionality can be controlled by the LG app.

The device is an interesting option for those who live in condominiums with no space for installing wall air conditioning. And voice and distance control make usability very easy.

THE Showmetech published a full review on the LG DUAL Inverter Voice. The LG ThinQ app, which can be used to control devices, is now available for Android and iPhone.

LG Artcool Gallery air-conditioning technical specifications

Dimensions 600mm (height) x 600mm (width) x 146mm (depth)
Cooling capacity 9,000 and 12,000 BTUs
Refrigerant Gs R-32
Cooling power (kW) 2.5
Heating power (kW) 3.3
Fast heating Yes
Cycle Cold and hot
Self Cleaning System Yes
Noise level (dB) Minimum 27 and maximum 45
Air outlet type Side and bottom
Remote Control Yes
Connectivity Google Assistant Remote connection via Wi-Fi
Color White with black frame
Price Not yet available in Brazil

Source: LG