LG G4 Note can be released on October 10th

LG has done a great job with the LG G4, but the company's flagship is still behind the upscale models launched by Samsung, especially when it comes to build quality and finish. But it seems that this is about to change. Rumors point out that LG will present later this year the LG G4 Note, which come with metal trim and a 3K screen, plus other news. Check it out below.

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Update: G4 Note can be released on October 10th. See more details in the "Lanamento" section below.

LG G4 Note: Release

The manufacturer's director, Cho Juno, has confirmed that LG's next flagship will be launched in the fourth quarter of this year without disclosing a specific day. In turn, the site G for Games, citing leaks from Korea, points October 10 as the possible release date of the G4 Note. This is a strategic month for the device to reach retail in time for Christmas shopping.

LG G4 Note: Availability and Price

According to a source linked to a Korean website, the company's new smartphone will be launched in the last quarter of this year. LG's goal is to compete on a level playing field in the premium-finish, high-performance phablet category, currently dominated by Apple with the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung's Galaxy Note line, as well as the newly launched Galaxy S6 Edge +.

According to the publication, LG registered the LG G4 Note brand in February of that year, however, so far the company has not launched any handset with the "Note" nomenclature. The price of the device is still unknown.

lgg4 lgg2 buttons w782
LG G4 Note would be the successor of the brand's premium line, like the G2 and G4 (image above). / ANDROIDPIT

LG G4 Note: Design and finishing

Still according to the source of the site, LG will finally adopt the metal in the construction of its new handset, as the company has been focusing heavily on the use of plastic since the release of LG G2. At the time, the company was criticized by the specialist media, as the predecessor model Optimus G had, in addition to plastic, a glass finish on the back similar to Sony's premium line.

The problem is that while LG has stood out with good hardware in the G2, G3, and recently in the G4, the company is one step behind competitor Samsung which from the Galaxy S5 has started to adopt metal parts, now reaching the Note. 5 which is entirely composed of glass and aluminum. In short, LG intends to make the transition to metal / aluminum so as not to fall behind the competition. On the other hand, there is no telling whether the company will adopt a full body of metal (unibody), or just parts of it mixing with plastic and / or metal.

lg g4 note 2
This could be the "Note" version of the LG G4. / TENAA

LG G4 Note: Screen

Not much has yet been released about the technical specifications of the LG G4 Note. But, according to the Korean website I mentioned earlier, the device can have a 5.5 inch screen with 3K resolution (2880 x 1620 pixels), resulting in approximately 600 ppi. If this information comes true, we will have basically the same screen size as the current G4, but with even higher resolution.

If most users already find QHD (2K) resolution too much, especially because of the high battery consumption, I don't think 3K resolution is a good choice for the company. However, it is worth remembering that it was LG itself that spread 2K technology with the launch of the LG G3.

lg g4 stylus
Alleged photo of LG G4 Note with stylus pen. / XDA forum

However, there is other information about a model registered in the United States. It was registered with the FCC (American ANATEL species), a smarptphone called LS770. It is a device with 5.8 inches of screen with unknown resolution. If this record refers to the LG G4 Note, we will have a difference between the information released by the Korean website and the records made at the FCC.

And what do you think about the LG G4 Note? Can the device be launched too late?

This article will be updated with new information.

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