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LG announces update on ThinQ lineup that brings "proactive" communication

THE LG was one of the first companies to submit a keynote at CES 2019, bringing new information about its line of appliances, TVs, etc. The company started by talking about the artificial intelligence of its line devices. ThinQ, which will now bring interactions "proactive"with the user.

This means that your LG appliances will not only obey and respond to direct commands, but will also bring suggestions or perform actions depending on the context. When you pick up a connected electric broom, for example, the system will recognize that you have started cleaning and ask if you want to perform other related actions.


Company wants to bring internet of things to every corner of a user's life

In addition to the daily features, LG also intends to implement the feature in consumer support. ThinQ products perform constant monitoring of their conditions, providing user maintenance actions when they detect that they are needed. In the US it will also be possible to integrate some of your machines with the system Dash Button, automatic requests from Amazon. So if your washer's soap runs out and you have an Amazon Dash Button for it, the washer itself will place the order without you having to do anything.