LG announces eight OLED and LED TVs with 8K resolution at CES 2020

LG announces eight OLED and LED TVs with 8K resolution at CES 2020

LG took advantage of CES 2020 to show the world its new televisions that promise an 8K experience optimized thanks to artificial intelligence technology.

THE LG announced the eight TVs 8K that will be on display CES 2020 (Consumers Electronics Show 2020) to take place next week. The 2020 line includes two televisions from the SIGNATURE OLED 88 and 77 inches, and six in the line NanoCell, on models 75/65 Nano 99, 75/65 Nano97 and 75/65 Nano95.

Throughout the communiqué, the LG made a point of emphasizing that televisions offer an experience of “8K real“, Probably giving a“ pinprick ”on Samsung, that its direct competitor.

"The new models offer the ability to play content natively at this resolution thanks to support for a large selection of content (…) including codecs such as HEVC, VP9 and AV1, the latter being supported by major streaming providers, such as YouTube".

the statement says.

principle, the resolution 8K 7680 × 4320 pixels. However, the LG uses the definition of Consumer Technology Association, which measures pixels using “contrast modulation”, while Samsung does not follow the same protocol.

Specifications of LG's 8K TVs

LG will present the eight 8K TVs between January 7 and 10 at CES 2020. LG will present the eight 8K TVs between January 7 and 10 at CES 2020.

As stated before, the TVs gives LG will support HEVC, VP9 and AV1 natively, not needing an external decoder. They will also have HDMI inputs that support 60 frames per second in high resolution.

The image and sound processor is the Alpha 9 Gen 3, which uses artificial intelligence technology based on machine learning to optimize both image and sound quality. In practice, this means that a video with a lower resolution may have a Upscale up to 8K and audio for 5.1 surround sound, in addition to recognizing faces and text on the screen. The technology also recognizes the faces and texts on the screen, improving their quality.

“The Alpha 9 Gen 3 processor is capable of recognizing faces and texts on the screen, improving and smoothing images to give a more natural skin tone, clearer and clearer faces and more readable letters. Auto Genre Selection recognizes the type of content being watched and automatically applies the ideal image settings, ensuring the best image quality in four genres: films, sports, standard and animation ”.

says the official statement

In addition, the new TVs from LG maintain platform support ThinQ AI, the company's own, to control other smart devices through the product. Virtual assistants Alexa and Google Assistant also have compatibility with televisions, as well as HomeKit it's the AirPlay2.

TVs 8K gives LG will be shown during CES 2020 between January 7 and 10. Prices and launch dates have not yet been released.

Source: The Verge