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Let’s Encrypt is a free service for issuing digital certificates that is helping the web to be more secure

OLets Encrypt was launched in 2015 and came to establish a significant difference in the market where digital certification for websites, email servers and other client / server systems were expensive services, becoming a barrier for small businesses and startups that wanted to ensure greater security in data communication.

The service is managed by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG), a non-profit organization, and since it was launched it has issued more than one billion digital certificates, an impressive number. The milestone was reached a few weeks ago and shows the progress towards a more secure internet model.

Through the use of digital certificates, browsers can create and validate a secure connection to a server (https), making communication impervious to hackers, the last few years has become a requirement in many services. The trend towards switching websites to secure mode is currently around 80% of all websites with digital certificates.

According to Google, about 90% of connections to websites are now made with secure connections, with encrypted data.

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