Leo’s Fortune, Swim Out, Rearview and more!

Deals of the day on the App Store: Leo's Fortune, Swim Out, Rearview and more!

Take advantage of our traditional selection of App Store promotions this Thursday!

Leo’s Fortune is an excellent adventure game created by the folks at 1337 & Senri LLC.

You are Leopoldo (Leo, if you prefer) and your mission is to find the mysterious thief who stole all your gold. The graphics have a very high level of detail and the sound (track, narration and effects) is of high quality. In terms of controls, gestures on the screen are responsible for their movements.

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Leo’s Fortune has a total of 24 stages divided into 5 acts, with increasing levels of difficulty. Translated into Portuguese, with support for Game Center and iCloud, it was one of the highlights games of 2014 on the App Store and our choice today.

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Below are other applications / games that together add up almost R $ 30 off:

IOS Apps

Swim Out app icon

Puzzles excellent.

Voice Dream Scanner app icon



Strategy game.

MacOS app

Rearview - handy mirror camera app icon

A “rear view” for your Mac.

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Enjoy the offers and see you tomorrow! Ah, remembering that they are always for a limited time, so it’s good to run! And if you can, stay home. ?