Lens now on Google Go

Lens now on Google Go

Google has announced that as of today, Google Go can now be found on the Play Store across the globe.

The app was already available in Brazil and was developed for users who access the internet for the first time or browse with unstable connections.

The big news is the arrival of Lens on Google Go. The feature helps to read or translate printed texts in the physical world just by using the phone's camera.

The user can open Lens, point the camera at the text they want to decipher, and then hear the words read aloud, translated into a language of choice, or both.

“In addition, Google Go offers a read-aloud feature based on artificial intelligence (AI). You can listen to any web page, ”says the company.

"The words are being highlighted as they are pronounced, so the user can follow the reading of the text."

Google Go is designed to use less storage on your phone: even with an unstable connection, the device doesn't slow down. The application occupies just over 7MB of memory, and does not hinder the speed of the device.

If you have no connection, Google Go will be able to remember and retrieve the search results you were doing when the signal returns.

Google Go is available worldwide on the Play Store for all Android devices using Lollipop or later.