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Lenovo Explorer Virtual Reality Headset Now Available in Brazil

Now Lenovo Explorer, Lenovo VR device, compatible with Windows Mixed Reality, is available for sale in Brazil for the price of R $ 2,499.00 on the company website.

Lenovo Explorer is a Windows MR headset that runs on integrated GPUs

But there is an important detail, only the glasses are available on Brazil, motion controls cannot be purchased here yet. We contacted Lenovo to explain why they said the device should be sold in Brazil but there is no date yet. O Lenovo Explorer can be used with the aid of mouse and keyboard and also with an Xbox controller. One of its advantages is that it comes with built-in sensors, there is no need to install sensor points around the environment and, according to the company, the device is Plug and play.

Since the launch of Oculus rift several other companies are working to deliver virtual reality experiences, bringing products such as HTC Vive, HDK 2, Google Carcboard, Google Daydream, Samsung Gear Vr, Playstation Vr and more recently Lenovo Explorer and others.