Lego Super Mario takes the video game into the real world

Lego Super Mario takes the video game into the real world

Lego Super Mario will allow you to create your own levels and play with the plumber

While fans eagerly await the revelations of new games and other news on a Nintendo Direct, the company today announced a new partnership to create a unique experience with one of its most famous franchises.

THE Nintendo it's the The Lego Group are coming together to create Lego Super Mario, which takes the mustachioed plumber to the real world with the help of digital technology creating a new type of interactive game. However, it is not a video game. Lego Super Mario promises to be much more than that.

Its a me, Lego Super Mario!

The announcement of the new experience came with a trailer full of details, demonstrating how players will build levels, walk with Mario through them and defeat enemies. All of this using the colored blocks that everyone knows very well.

The main part of the new kit from LEGO could not be anything else: an interactive figure of Lego Mario with built-in screens and a speaker. With this piece and other blocks, players will be able to create their own levels, collect coins, step on Goombas, Koopas and at Shy Guys, while trying to reach the mast at the end of the stage.

The interaction with the player happens when Mario performs a certain action. For example, his expression changes as players go through the levels and you can hear him saying his characteristic Wahoo speech! Here we go! when you step on an enemy or overcome an obstacle.

Takashi Tezuka, executive and game producer at Nintendo, revealed his motivations to invest in this unusual partnership with LEGO in a press release:

I always liked LEGO products and how they help children to use their imagination to play (…) The new product we created together with the LEGO Group seeks to combine two different styles of play – one where you freely build Mario's world and the another one where you play with Mario in the world you created.

In addition to showing details of the pieces that will be part of the kit and Lego Mario's interaction with the levels, the trailer reveals that enemies like Bowser Jr. and companions like Yoshi they will also be present in the world of colored blocks. The connection of Lego Mario will probably be made via Bluetooth and the levels can be built in a similar way to what we see in the series games.

Lego Super Mario

The prediction that Lego Super Mario will be released later this year. The prices of the sets have not yet been announced, but soon Nintendo or LEGO should announce the values ​​of the different kits. The Lego Super Mario reveal comes after the company had already announced the partnership last Tuesday, March 10, also known as Mario Day – as the dates in English have the month followed by the day, the abbreviation is Mar 10, which graphically resembles Mario.

Thematic sets inspired by series and films are very common in the Lego universe as Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, DC and even The Simpsons or Friends. However, Lego Super Mario promises to be a step forward in the interactive and technological innovation that the company promises to offer to its public.