LEGO Super Mario chega em 2020 com recursos de interatividade

LEGO Super Mario arrives in 2020 with interactive features

After one teaser released this week on Twitter, LEGO and Nintendo announced today It is a partnership that changes the way people interact with Super Mario in the physical world and get involved in LEGO experiences.


Company promises that its design is break-proof

Both companies share a passion for innovation and games and their collaboration led to a reimagination of the LEGO building experience, allowing the creation of a totally new way of playing inspired by the video game icon – Super Mario.

Unlike a video game and a traditional LEGO set, LEGO Super Mario is a new product line that features is an interactive LEGO Mario figure that collects coins at physical game levels created with LEGO bricks.

The new line will allow children to experience the world of Super Mario differently. They will be able to recreate game levels using obstacles and other familiar elements, such as pipes, question blocks, Goombas, Shy Guys and others.

With the levels recreated, children will be able to use the figure of the character Super Mario to collect coins and complete the levels as if they were in the game: "Collecting coins, overcoming obstacles and completing levels – it's all part of the new LEGO Super Mario game experience."

The character comes with a speaker that plays classic game sounds and small LCD screens that change depending on what the child is doing. For example, the screens located on the face change to display different facial expressions of the character and the screen on the body changes to indicate coin collection. He also has a Bluetooth button on his back.

According to the announcement, LEGO Super Mario will be released in 2020, but no specific date has been released. More information may be found soon at

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