Lego machine uses Artificial Intelligence to organize other parts

Anyone who has had a large collection of Lego should know that organizing all the pieces is not a very easy task, but a new machine made with 10,000 Lego pieces can do this in a short time with the help of artificial intelligence.

Named Universal Lego Sorting Machine by its creator Daniel West, the machine can be very useful. The machine is apparently capable of using artificial intelligence to organize Lego pieces in different compartments at a rate of "one piece every two seconds".

West said he trained the neural model that organizes the pieces using 3D images of Lego's pieces and confirmed that the network can learn to recognize any piece as long as there is a 3D image to train it.

The West machine is not the first of its kind. In his video he mentions that the LEGO Mindstorms NXT Vision Guided Brick Sorter machine shown in 2011 on the Akiyuki Brick Channel YouTube channel has inspired his project. It can be seen on the video below:

West's Lego machine is an interesting example of how artificial intelligence can be used for fun projects. If you're curious about other ways to use artificial intelligence to help you at home, this June an Amazon employee created a platform that prevents cats from bringing dead animals or insects into the house:

Source: The Verge