Lego Boost Droid Commander usa R2-D2 para ensinar programação para crianças

Lego Boost Droid Commander Uses R2-D2 to Teach Programming to Kids

THE Lego Boost Droid Commander It is the newest robot kit for kids to be launched by the famous toy brand and comes with the goal of teaching programming in a fun way with the help of Star Wars characters. The set features the famous R2-D2, one GNK droid it is a MSE-6-series droid to be mounted.


XM2 is the name of the aircraft and the company behind several incredible takes in the movie.

The new product is part of the line Lego Boost Creative Toolbox, which is suitable for aspiring engineers and developers up to twelve years old. They make the learning experience gamified, requiring the child to complete challenges to unlock new features.

Official Website: Lego Star Wars Boost Droid Commander

The Boost app also serves as a guide for the small user, explaining how to perform each task and preventing them from getting stuck in the same activity. Still, according to Tom's Hardware website, the app offers enough leeway for kids to write their own programs from scratch.

The programming language used by Lego Boost is block based, which have icons to display their functions. Since no reading is required to begin coding, even pre-literacy children can handle the application.

Taking advantage of the Star Wars theme, the Lego kit tells an interactive story to engage users. The plot begins on the planet of Tatooine, where iconic characters like Luke Skywalker They will give the child programming missions. Each task will be best suited for a different type of robot, so you will need to use R2-D2 for some challenges, GNK droid for others, and MSE-6-series for certain missions.

As the adventure progresses to other scenarios, the user interacts with other Star Wars characters. Included locations include the Millenium Falcon spacecraft, Bespin, the Death Star, and Alderan.

The Lego Boost Droid Commander is costing $ 200 in direct markets. It costs $ 40 more than the original Boost set, but comes with the added benefit of bringing in an extra 400 pieces and the Star Wars game.

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