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Legends of Runeterra card game is now available on smartphones

After making his debut on computers, Legends or Runeterra arrived on smartphones, with versions optimized to take anywhere and compete against other players. The game, produced by Riot, puts the characters of League of Legends in a different context, in the form of collectible cards.

Whether in friendly matches or counting for rankings, the collector's goal is to collect the cards to form a powerful deck and face other friends online. In addition to winning random cards during matches, you will be able to purchase the cards you want specifically in the store, with the stadium choosing to leave out the usual package systems with random units as seen in other games.

The decks are made up of Champions, currently with 24 different cards, whose skills and mechanics dictate the rest of the team's composition. The normal unit cards must therefore complement the heroes to quickly raise the level of attacks and win the game.

Considering that Legends of Runeterra, which has already been released on the PC, supports crossplay games between all platforms, allowing to keep the content unlocked on all of them. There are also guard cards, which function in the background as friendly mascots for the player, who are present on the board and react with the moves.

You can download Legends or Runeterra for free on iOS and Android versions.