Leaving iPhone charging all night does NOT damage the battery

Leaving iPhone charging all night does NOT damage the battery

One question that many of us ask is whether to leave the iPhone (or iPad) charging overnight, wondering if this is not harmful to battery life. There are several theories on the internet, but the fact is that this habit is not harmful. Who says this is Kyle Wiens, specialist and head of iFixIt.

For Wiens, everything is a matter of counting cycles. What really matters is how much you use your smartphone and the work that the battery has during this use.

The battery of a smartphone (and all brands use practically the same technology) is fully functional up to about 400 cycles recharge. After that, it begins to gradually lose its ability to retain energy, offering less autonomy.

Cycle is a complete battery recharge, from 0 to 100%. If a device stays 100% plugged all night, this does not affect the number of cycles.

An Anker spokesman also reinforces the idea:

“It is necessary to understand that smartphone batteries are in constant degradation from the first use. Leaving a phone charging overnight will not make any difference in this degradation process. ”

Of course it is very important to use reliable accessories to keep your iPhone connected. Sockets and cables generics that you bought for R $ 10 at the grocery store or at the cash register can bring risks to both the device and you. Therefore, always use certified cables and plug adapters that are certified. There are also good accessories that make it easier to support the iPhone while charging the battery.

via Business Insider