Learn why the recession is unlikely to slow Mac sales due to cheap PCs

Learn why the recession is unlikely to slow Mac sales due to cheap PCs

As was to be expected – even more so in light of recent events – some analysts and investors are already showing signs of concern about the sales situation of Macs, thinking about the possibility of them being shaken due to the market preference for cheaper PCs in the current crisis we are going through.

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One thing fits here: Apple has already stated that it is not concerned about this. The good news about it is that it is not the only one: analyst Turley Muller, columnist for theFinancial Alchemist, stated in its latest article that Apple's biggest concern is not consumer preference for lower-cost PCs, but rather its approach to attracting new users to the platform, as well as convincing veterans to replace their older machines.

This is something that Apple doesn't have to worry about too much: the new commercials for the “Get a Mac” campaign do well – or at least try, but still do better than the duo Gates and Seinfeld, for example – and the introduction of new products in the past few months, including the iPhone 3G and the new iPods, has contributed to increasing the Mac's popularity.

Muller believes that the major focus for maintaining the growth of the market sharebe it the way that Apple attracts the consumer to get to know “the Mac”, or, in other words, its resources and its real possibilities. This was achieved by Apple in several countries thanks to the creation / expansion of points of sale – this may not be the case in Brazil yet, I admit, but it fits the matter, anyway.

Either way, either a consumer wants to access the benefits of a Mac to extend their digital life, or wants to continue with the basic functionality provided by a Windows PC. But the fact is that the recession should slow down, anyway, the speed with which Macs take the PC market share.

Finally, Muller says that the end consumer to whom Apple directs its products is less sensitive to the economic cycle, despite not being immune to it. However, a user who does not know the Mac platform and is thinking of changing feels shy to seek out more, test products or even research prices, if their budget is weakened by the crisis.