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Learn why Google's war against WhatsApp and Facetime can kill Hangouts

Google I / O is the annual event of the search giant and aims to present the main news that the company intends to bring to the market. Interestingly this year, Google has unveiled two new apps that aim to clash with WhatsApp, but this could end up directly affecting Hangouts.

Today we find several messaging apps on the market, and among the most famous we have the leader WhatsApp, Telegram and in the world of iOS we have Facetime, which is already installed on Apple devices being unique to these devices. Already Hangouts, as Google's representative in this race, has shown no ability to react.

Perhaps because of this, the search giant has presented two new apps for messaging and video calling, "Allo" and "Duo", which will be available for both Android and iOS.

Hangouts death may be the price Google will have to pay to leverage other services

google io keynote 2016 allo 2
New Google / Google Messaging App

Allo is more than just a messaging app, the service allows you to chat with your contacts using your smartphone number associated with your Gmail account in a nice and intuitive interface. You can still use emoticons like any instant messaging application.

The app also analyzes conversations and provides possible answers to make the user's life easier. For example, if you get an image showing a birthday cake, one of the automatic replies might be simply to wish your contact a happy birthday.

google io keynote 2016 allo 7
Allo bring suggestions of answers based on the content of the conversation / Google

The app has several extras that we don't see in the competition, such as the ability to expand your text to better bring a thrill (especially like shouting or drawing attention). Already the Google Duo is dedicated to video communications, which promises to deliver superior quality to competitors, and all with the integration of Google services itself.

google io keynote 2016 allo 18
Duo Google bet for video calls / Google

The detail that Hangouts already does pretty much all this, and additional functions could be implemented with a simple update. Now, launching two new apps with the same services already offered by Google would imply competing with itself, leading to the logical termination of the older service, in this case Hangouts.

Every war brings sacrifices, and the death of Hangouts may be the price Google will have to pay to leverage other services that might clash with market leaders. Perhaps in order to bring the spotlight to the new apps, the company has given up on just updating Hangouts with the new features.

Make it clear that Google has not announced the end of Hangouts, so we should wait for the official release of the new apps to learn about the future of Google messengers.

And you, do you think Google will abandon Hangouts to leverage Allo and Duo?

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