Learn why Amazon removed Apple TV and Chromecast from your store

Learn why Amazon removed Apple TV and Chromecast from your store

In a rather strange move, the Amazon removed Apple TV and Chromecast from their store catalog in October last year. This confused many people because it was apparently an unreasonable decision. However, during the Code Conference annual conference of Recode what's happening this week the reason has been explained.

Jeff Bezos at the 2016 Code Conference

During the Q&A session, Jeff Bezos (CEO of Amazon) said in response to question from Nilay Patel (editor in chief of The verge) who prefers not to sell handsets that do not have the Amazon Prime Video app. streaming and the company would like to be on “acceptable business terms” before bringing the app to such devices. The app is on many platforms, including iOS and Android, but there are some mismatches when it comes to Apple TV. In fact, Amazon had revealed that by the end of last year the app would appear on set top box from Ma, which hasn't happened yet. The funny fact that Bezos said he was unaware that such products are out of the catalog, but still answered the question. 😜

We can even take the player For the device, the question is whether this can be done in terms of acceptable business. And if this is not possible, we do not want to sell it to our customers because they will buy it thinking they can watch Prime Video; Then they will be disappointed and will return the product.

To reiterate that this decision is not about direct competition with Fire TV, Bezos says they sell Roku, Xbox and PlayStation, all of which compete with the Amazon device and, unlike Apple TV, have the Prime Video app.

To put firewood in the fire, Patel asked if that means they don't want to pay the 30% "fee" that Apple requires for applications that use subscription service. Bezos tried to evade the issue and only replied that "private business discussions must remain private."

Although it sounds very elusive, I understand that money should not be the problem for Amazon, given its product and service impasse. If the reason given by Bezos did not satisfy everyone, then they will have to wait for "what they have for today."

Above you can watch full interview, which is great as such question happens after 1h14m.

(via MacRumors)