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Learn which of the new iPhones and Apple Watches will work with the Brazilian 4G [atualizado 4x]

The iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max are "between us" (at least virtually) and, just like last year, the new devices will be sold in a single model in the United States so we will not have two different versions, with support for LTE frequencies and bands different depending on the service provider.

With that, the question is: will the new iPhones bought in the US or the rest of the world work on Brazilian 4G networks? As much as the official answer has not yet arrived (Apple, after all, has not yet included Brazil in the list of countries of each model), we can already paint a picture of the situation.

We USA (and in Canada), only models A2111 (iPhone 11), A2160 (iPhone 11 Pro) and A2161 (iPhone 11 Pro Max) will be sold in GSM and CDMA versions. They bring support band 3 (1,800MHz) and band 7 (2,600MHz) LTE the second, the most used in Brazil today; However, at the bring support band 28 (700MHz APT), which is the last network released for the Brazilian 4G (previously occupied by the analogue TV signal) and has already been widely adopted by operators.

Band 28's 4G has greater range and more stability, so the tendency is for operators to increasingly use this band instead of “old” 7; Several cities in Brazil have already made or are transitioning to the new frequency. That is, if you buy your new iPhone in the US, you may not have access to 4G in Brazil in some regions or you may have your access cut (a lot?) In the future; Also, you will not be able to enjoy the so-called “4.5G” (faster).

The models that worked fully with the Brazilian 4G until last year were the Europeans A2221 (11), A2215 (11 Pro) and A2218 (11 Pro Max), but surprisingly, at least according to Apple's report at this time, the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max iPhones also do not support the band 28 only at 3 and 7, in addition to other different from the american models being that the iPhone 11 supports all three. That is, we can not naive at this time that these European models of iPhones 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max will be the same that will arrive in Brazil because, if that happens, they will not work on our "4,5G" (which in the it makes no sense).

And now?

Given this situation, we have some hypotheses:

  1. Apple is actually launching these three European models in Brazil, with only the iPhone 11 working with the three national 4G bands.
  2. We will have different models from those listed on the Apple website being released here, these are supported by our three bands.
  3. The Apple page is wrong and will still be updated with the inclusion of band 28 in European models.

Unfortunately, if I were to bet today, I would go for option 1. I would very much like the right one to be 2, while 3 is probably the most unlikely of the three (but we have to consider that, yes).

What about Apple Watch?

Regarding Ma watches, the situation changes positively compared to the Series 4, as this Apple page shows. Apple Watch Series 5 models A2094 (40mm) and A2095 (44mm) USA and in Canada, support both bands 3 and 7, and are therefore compatible with the Brazilian 4G.

Models sold at Europe, at China and in Japan (and which should arrive here when the Series 5 lands on national land) are the A2156 (40mm) and the A2157 (44mm); These also support bands 3 and 7, but nothing about band 28 is newer, that is, even they will have difficulty connecting in some locations in Brazil.

what we have for today, however.

Having said that, it is always worth remembering that, regardless of which model of iPhone you buy from anywhere in the world, Apple supports it in Brazil even if it is incompatible (or partially compatible) with national 4G networks. The warranty and AppleCare are usually valid around here and you can use all the features of your smartphone normally, even if you eventually can't connect to the national LTE.

The same rule applies to Apple Watch and, unlike in the past, Apple may now support the American / Canadian watch's LTE model thanks to this new band compatibility. To see.

It's always good to keep an eye on these details, but after all, it's unpleasant to arrive on the road and notice that an important feature of your new gadget is missing, isn't it?

Update 09/10/2019 16:57

As some readers have commented, Apple informs on the Brazilian pages of technical specifications of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro the models that will be released here.

And, look, they're just the same Europeans: A2221 (11), A2215 (11 Pro) and AA2218 (11 Pro Max). We already know that the European iPhone 11 supports our band 28, but the curious thing is that on this page of iPhones 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max Apple list yes the band 28 on both models:

11G and 11 Pro Max iPhones 4G Bands

That is, it * seems * that option 3 above proceeds! So we twist. 😀

Update II 09/11/2019 s 09:43

Lucky us, folks: the correct option really was 3 Apple updated the LTE page on the iPhone and now includes the 28 band (700MHz APT) on both European models of the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max iPhones.

That is, they will be fully compatible with the national 4G.

Update III, by Eduardo Marques 09/23/2019 s 20:35

At least for now, Apple Watches sold in the US * are not * connecting to the Brazilian 4G network. More information in this article.

Update IV, by Eduardo Marques 9/27/2019 5:47 PM

At least in the operator's network Of course, the American Apple Watches Series 5 are already working should be a matter of time until Vivo also releases access.