Learn to cook with the Pepe app, which features videos designed for mobile devices

Learn to cook with the Pepe app, which features videos designed for mobile devices

Tired of eating noodles? Can't stand making rice with egg anymore? So I think you will like the app Pepe.

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Pepe is an application for gastronomy courses with video recipes. The courses work as sets of recipes or teach the step-by-step of a dish.

The videos are short and offer navigation features designed exclusively for mobile devices. Pepe has free courses and also paid courses, which can be purchased directly through the app.

He is definitely not the first to do this, but the fact that they created videos with mobile devices in mind (with ingredients on the screen in sync with the audio, for example) is quite a differentiator. In addition, the Pepe app is constantly updated, bringing new courses whenever possible.

The application has exclusive courses created by Pepe's staff, but it is not limited to their own recipes; there are also many made by partners. And if you have passed the phase of noodles, rice or eggs and you are very good at cooking, you can write to them who knows your recipe published in the app!

About the courses, there are two modalities: the first is a set of video recipes related to a specific topic (for example Breakfast, which teaches you how to make smoothies, Benedictine eggs and waffles); the second modality is step-by-step, which teaches in detail the preparation of each dish, dividing the important steps into videos. As an example, Pizza Sessions, which shows how to make the dough, knead, open and so on.

Cool, right? A good one for those who want to have a healthier life, spend less on food or just make a mess in the kitchen!