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Learn the safest way to recover deleted messages on iPhone

If you have lost deleted messages from WhatsApp or from your SMS inbox, we will help you to recover them in various ways in a single tool

Did you know that it is possible to recover your deleted messages and lost files from your iPhone? So that you can?t back up via the cloud, an external hard drive or iTunes, for example, only an external tool can help save important conversations and travel photos. Therefore, we indicate the iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery to help you in different scenarios. You can still download a free trial version and see if any of the situations listed below fit in with what you're going through:

  • Accidental erasure of files
  • Virus attack
  • Deleted messages
  • Lost cell phone
  • Water damage or screen break
  • IOS update
  • Factory Restoration

In a very succinct way, only four main options of techniques for recovering your files, no matter how they were lost. We will explain them all from now on.

Smart recovery

Click on ?Start?, after selecting ?Smart Recovery?(The first item in the left menu). Then select the way you lost your data or why your iPhone is inaccessible. Once you select the method, there is intelligent redirection to one of the functions of the software, which we will also explain with a step by step to follow.

Learn the safest way to recover deleted messages on iPhone

To facilitate your choice, we have listed here all types of recovery. By clicking on the method mentioned on the right, you see our guide on how to proceed in each step:

Recover from iOS device

Click "Get started" and connect your device to the computer. Here you need to have the iTunes installed on your machine before proceeding. When the software detects your cell phone, click "Next" to go to the next step.

Learn the safest way to recover deleted messages on iPhone

On the next screen, you will see all categories of files that iMyFone D-Back can recover, including deleted SMS messages or files from the Whatsapp. When the scan is finished, everything you can retrieve will be listed in the left column (file type of each app) and also in a thumbnail gallery where you can select everything you want back.

It is possible to recover so much data from standard applications iPhone (App Photo, App Video, Notepad) and third party apps. In the left column, when you click on a file, like your deleted WhatsApp messages, all items in that category will be selected. When clicking on everything you want to redeem, select the blue button in the lower right corner, ?To recover?.

Learn the safest way to recover deleted messages on iPhone

Finally, a window will open for you to select the place where you want to keep the files to be restored. After a few minutes, you will have everything back.

Recover from iTunes Backup

Click on ?Start? and, on the next screen, select the backup exactly what you want to recover. If you choose a recovery encrypted, you will need to enter your password. To select another iTunes backup file, saved in another folder, s click on ?Select? just below the list. With the item selected, click on ?Next?.

Learn the safest way to recover deleted messages on iPhone

If you don't have a backup, you need to do this first with special attention to your computer's storage. Remember: all your files will be transferred to your machine, so keep an eye out to see if you have enough space.

Learn the safest way to recover deleted messages on iPhone

Here you see all types of files that iMyFone D-Back can recover, whether from standard or third party apps. In the ?Messages and call history? subdivision, there is the option of the ?Messages? app, select this if you want to recover your deleted messages. Then just wait a few seconds for the scanning process.

In the same way as the previous method, two main parts will appear: the left column, with a list of applications, and a thumbnail gallery, where you can select the files you want back. Finally, a window will open for you to select the location where you want to save the restored files, or create a destination folder.

Fix the iOS system

This tool will help you in various situations of problems with the operating system, with three methods that fix most of them:

  • Standard Mode: common problems such as the screen does not turn on, or is all white, frozen or with the Apple logo.
  • Enter / Exit Recovery Mode: with a single click your device enters recovery mode.
  • Advanced Mode: if you have forgotten your password or the Standard Mode methods have failed, for example, you can see if the problem is solved here.

In all modes, your cell phone needs to be connected in order for the firmware update can be downloaded and transferred. Just select one of the items and wait for a few minutes until everything is complete.

Learn the safest way to recover deleted messages on iPhone

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Was your iPhone problem resolved in our tutorial and your deleted messages were recovered? Tell us in the comments.