Learn the difference between erasing data and clearing cache

Learn the difference between erasing data and clearing cache

Clearing the cache and data are two basic actions for managing apps installed on any Android device. For beginners in the system, it is essential to understand the difference between the two options. Although they look similar, they serve different purposes. Find out the difference of these actions in the article below.

Clear cache

Clearing the cache can solve many problems, not only for Android, but also for different operating systems. The cache is generally a temporary storage tank, in which data can be retrieved quickly when needed, streamlining the process of initialization and continuity of previously saved applications.

When should you clear an app cache

There is no need to clear the cache daily, but periodically deleting it can help resolve some issues, such as when an application crashes constantly. Emptying it can also be useful to free up more storage space on your device.

You should clear an application cache only when it is experiencing problems, or if it desperately needs memory.

How to clear an app cache

Below you will find the step by step to clear your device cache:

  • Go to the System Settings menu;
  • Select the Applications option;
  • Locate the All tab;
  • Select the application that is causing problems;
  • Select data / storage and click "Clear data".
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Clearing app data / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

If you want to do a general cache clearing, instead of clearing it for each app installed in device memory, you can save time by using one of the options offered by your Android's settings menu:

  • Go to Settings;
  • Click Storage> Cached Data or Stored Data;
  • A window prompts you to confirm the removal of all stored cache. Confirm and wait for content removal.

Erase Data

In this case, all data from the selected application will be permanently removed. This includes any type of predefined files, accounts, databases, and configurations. With this, when reopening the application, it returns as if it were downloaded for the first time. We recommend that before you do so, you make sure you really need this process.

An easy example to remember Spotify. If you clear data from this app, the songs you download to listen offline (Premium account) will disappear. You can use Google Files Go to better select files that can be manually deleted from storage.

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You can erase your Android data at once or manually / AndroidPIT (screenshot)
<h3>When clearing data from an app</h3>
<p>This option is useful when an application behaves strangely, such as when login or logout options are inaccessible. In addition, erasing data may serve as an alternative to troubleshooting the behavior of any app whose cache you have already cleared and apparently continues to have the same issues.</p>
<h3>How to clear data from an app</h3>
<p>Clearing data from an application is a completely different operation than clearing the cache, but the process is pretty much the same.</p>
<li>Go to the Settings menu;</li>
<li>Select Applications and then the All tab; </li>
<li>Click on the desired application;</li>
<li>Press the Delete Data or Clear Data button. If your device is running Android 6.0 Marshmallow or higher you need to click Storage and then Clear Cache.</li>
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