Learn Linux in small daily doses

Master the Linux terminal with the aid of the Android / iOS Linux Command Library application.

The notorious black screen, the fear of many users entering the Linux world. At first it may seem like something out of this world, the numerous commands in the terminal end up scaring that simply prefer to push a mouse.


Currently using the terminal in distributions such as Ubuntu and Linux Mint are optional. Many tutorials make use of this artifice as they know that in many cases typing a command faster than navigating through numerous categories and exiting by clicking on the options. While there is no harm in using the graphical interface, on the contrary, I encourage the use and present the terminal optionally. However, if you understand that the terminal is cool and want to learn a little more, this is a very valuable tip.

Android app to assist you with the terminal

Manuals, blogs, forums, videos and all that is not lacking on the Internet. In them several commands are presented and documentation explains in the smallest detail. However, you do not always know where to find them, how to search for commands, etc. Having this information in your palms can be a tremendous ally. So, I'll point out an Android app that categorizes these commands, and discusses how they work.

O Linux Command Library, an app that has been with me for a long time. Your Google Play grade is very high (4.8) and has over 500,000 downloads. With 2378 man pages, the application is very complete and full of commands by categories, which are:

  • Users / Groups;
  • Files / Folders;
  • Search;
  • Network;
  • System information;
  • Control system;
  • audio / video;
  • Package manager;
  • Terminal games;
  • Hacking tools;
  • And much more.

Watch a special video we have prepared about the app, and learn how to use it.

You can download the app just by aiming your smartphone camera with a QR Code reader.


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