Learn how you view Android notifications on Windows 10

Learn how you view Android notifications on Windows 10

Last week, Microsoft hosted the BUILD Conference, Redmond's flagship development event. In it, the company announced a slew of news for Windows 10. But before you start stoning me for dealing with a different topic from the main scope of the site, let me say one thing: one of the news has to do directly with the Android Have you placed the virtual stones on the floor? Good So, let's continue.

The news that Microsoft plans in the near future to mirror Android smartphone notifications directly on Windows 10. That means you would be able to see missed calls, message notifications (SMS, WhatsApp, etc.) and other warnings. . The idea that you can not only see, but also interact with notifications, such as answering messages received from WhatsApp or another messenger.

All this will be possible through Cortana, whose application is already available on Google Play. If you don't know, Cortana is the Google Now equivalent on Microsoft systems. Currently, to receive Android notifications on your PC, you need to use third party apps like Pushbullet.

Check out the demo video made by Microsoft with the new feature below:

The feature reminded me a lot of the use of WhatsApp on PC. We received the message on the phone and a notification in Windows. Through Windows, we can respond or view the message without touching our smartphone.

As I work 8-10 hours a day in front of the PC, I find this feature very useful. This saves the precious seconds of picking up the phone, unlocking the screen, opening WhatsApp, viewing the message. Not to mention that typing on the physical keyboard is much easier than typing on the virtual keyboard.

If this new functionality is actually implemented natively, I will make much use of it. But, I also believe, that the new feature is not very useful for those who do not work directly in front of the PC. For this type of user, it is really more convenient to answer everything by mobile. Not to mention the question of privacy. Anyone who uses your computer will have access to your notifications.

At this time, it is only possible to get Android notifications on your PC via third party apps like Pushbullet

But for those who spend most of their time using Windows as their main system, especially at work, they can make good use of this tool. It's much more convenient to view notifications on your PC screen than on your phone screen. Not to mention saving time and focus on work.

Microsoft gave no release date for the news, but it said the functionality should come in a "future new version of Windows 10". That is, we can expect something for the beginning of the second half. The company also said the feature would be compatible with Android and Windows 10 Mobile operating systems. No iOS for now.

Now we want to know your opinion. Do you think mirroring Android notifications on Windows 10 would be useful?

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