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What is the best type of investment for those who are still in college and want to stop working at 50? How do I gather the first corn? Car, taxi or app, what more advantage for me? To answer these and other questions about financial education and the investment market, Valor Investe, the new website of Valor Econmico, provides news, analysis, expert recommendations and a tool area, with intuitive navigation and accessible language for those who are not financial experts. .

Valor Investe simplifies finances and helps young people invest Photo: FotoliaValor Investe simplifies finances and helps young people invest Photo: Fotolia

Valor Investe simplifies finances and helps young people invest Photo: Fotolia

The breakthrough in technology has enabled the emergence of 100% digital players in the financial market, with a significantly lower cost matrix than large banks. This new business environment, combined with interest rates and inflation at levels well below any time before our history, creates a unique scenario for Brazilians to invest their money, says Frederic Kachar, CEO of Infoglobo, Editora Globo e Valor Economic

The Valor Investe tool area also allows the public to doubt about vacation or car exchange expenses, for example, as well as verifying the most profitable investments, with a comparative table between applications. Organizing publishing facilitates direct access to topics of interest, such as organizing accounts, investing time, eyeing the market and retirement, among others.

Brazilians are increasingly aware that they no longer have easy gains in the financial market and therefore have to learn to keep track of their applications. Valor Investe comes to meet this market demand, with the same quality as Valor Econmico, says Vera Brandimart

Young people between 25 and 34 years old represent 26% of Brazilian investors. The even younger portion, between 16 and 24 years old, has expressed the most interest in investing funds in the near future, according to a report by the Brazilian Association of Financial and Capital Market Entities (Anbima).

To simplify the technical language that often accompanies market news, but at the same time provide more in-depth explanations of specific applications such as Treasury Direct, investment funds, or fixed income, for example, Valor Investe internal pages refer to these contents. , with the latest news related to each theme. Another benchmark for those wishing to invest is the information provided by Morningstar, a worldwide investment data reference company, which will generate a ranking and a comparator of funds on the site.

The Valor Investe content, which has exclusive interviews with the country's leading asset managers and executives of the most relevant companies in the stock market, is enriched by the opinions of well-known columnists such as Vera Rita de Melo Ferreira, behavioral finance expert, Samy. Dana, FGV professor, Ana Leoni, Anbima Education superintendent, Eduardo Amuri, author of the book Money Without Fear, and Hudson Bessa, university professor with 30 years of experience in the fund industry. J Marcelo dAgosto, financial advisor registered with the Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM), will be responsible for a blog on the site.

I have said that, thinking on a Darwinian investor scale, our mission is to help each one, at whatever stage, to take the next step, concludes Fernando Torres, editor of Valor Investe.