Learn how to use YouTube Go and watch YouTube videos offline

Learn how to use YouTube Go and watch YouTube videos offline

YouTube Go is a service offered by Google that has a feature much desired by users (which Netflix has already released to its customers for some time): the offline mode for video. After being released in India and undergoing numerous tests in Brazil, finally the alternative service to YouTube was launched by Google. Learn how to use it below.

The feature allows the video to be available in the user's library for up to 48 hours at up to three different resolutions: low (144p), medium (360p) or high (720p) quality. Before using YouTube Go, the user must verify their email and mobile number via an SMS code (or a call) sent by Google.

Once the registration is confirmed, just open the app and select the desired video to download it. You can also watch a video preview before downloading. Most importantly, not all videos are free to download, as their producer must enable this option.

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Download videos on mobile to watch without internet / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Advertisements play normally even when the video is saved for viewing without the internet. YouTube Go allows videos to be shared via Bluetooth and also displays the average internet and storage consumption (you can save videos to microSD) used by the app.

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Share, manage and watch downloaded videos / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Google has confirmed to the site that it is distributing YouTube GO to a limited extent in Brazil. Of course, the user can download the YouTube Go APK (download) and use it in advance, even if the app is unavailable on the Play Store. YouTube Go, above all, is part of Google's efforts toward emerging countries and basic devices, the so-called "Go services". Learn more about the project below:

Already using YouTube Go?

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