Learn how to use WhatsApp Web on PC and Mac

Learn how to use WhatsApp Web on PC and Mac

See how easy it is to install, activate and use the version of WhatsApp Web for the desktop with this simple step by step, for Windows or Mac computers

In addition to the mobile application, Whatsapp is available for notebooks and desktops. Known as WhatsApp Web, the tool has been around for a few years and makes users' lives much easier. To work, the option in the browser turns out to be more practical, but there are some caveats.

Unfortunately, you are unable to open multiple chats in multiple browser tabs. This option on the computer only mirrors the information existing in your smartphone application. Therefore, you need to be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, or mobile internet on the computer and smartphone at the same time, for the Web version to work properly.

Still, the function brings interesting features, allowing the sending of text messages, audio and files. O WhatsApp Web works on virtually all browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Opera and in Microsoft Edge. We have prepared a complete guide with the entire step by step to get you started using the WhatsApp Web on the PC, in addition to other available options. Check out the below.

WhatsApp Web

The most sought procedure for using the messenger outside the smartphone, by the browser. This can be done very easily and the same step by step for those using a machine with Windows and macOS (Mac).

Step 1: enter your notebook or desktop browser (such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari or Microsoft Edge) and access the address: web.whatsapp.com;

Page with QR Code to access WhatsApp WebPage with QR Code

Step 2: v at the application Whatsapp on your smartphone. Touch the settings option (gear, for those who use iPhone). In case you have Android, just click on the three dots located in the upper right corner. That done, you just need to click on the menu WhatsApp Web / Computer. On page web.whatsapp.com, there is the step by step for you to connect;